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I mentioned this before in this post but it did not start a discussion so here it goes again: the title mentions it: in the JSE distribution a nice package is stored wich having a complete http 1.1 server (see the title). it's also nicely documented here. I strange if somebody else knows about it thing and if yes does somebody do something with this pacakage and classes. I know it's the com.sun.* stuff and we're not supposed to touch it or even seem at it but even when I was young I secretly opened the gift packages that were put under the Christmas tree and so I peeked around in the rt.jar file (stored in your JRE/lib folder).

As far as I know this package just sits there and is not it used anywhere in the core classes. I attempted it and it works as a breeze. it's far more lightweight than those Servlets and JSPs and all the other crap people love so much. Any opinions about it?

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