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Adding External jar files in Eclipse for EAR Project

This forum was posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 6:17:27 AM

I required to add external jar files to a EAR Project.
I did add but the jar files are not reflecting in the lib folder it's displaying following to lib folder.
I added these jar files on right clicking on Deployment Descriptor Import-> Java EE Utility Jar and choosing to copy from the folder.
When I dragged the jar file on the lib folder the velocity jar file finds Updated to .ear file in the eclipse project explorer.
I hv attached a snapshot of the project explorer. Could you Plz let me know How can i add external jar files to ear project as my EJB requires external jars to be included.
I hv even added classpath for jar files in my EJB manifest file
Class-Path: ErpServices-ejb.jar velocity-1.6.4.jar velocity-1.6.4-dep.jar xwork-core-
searching forward to your reply. Thank You.

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