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 Hey Guys..
I require your guys help.. I'm actually new to programming. Have been generally working on HTML and Visual initial and I know it far away from ASP.NET.
now the thing is I found this project from my boss to make an Matrimonial site. 
Now what i require to know is How can i start and from where to start?
and does all the info about the person is stored in SQL Databse? if no .. then where is it stored?
and there're little functions in the site.. like if person selects multiple entry for illustration hobbies it should show multiple entries he/she selected on his/her profile. 
and even when the person enters his/her username or email address.. as soon as he enter the info the username and email address should get checked in DB if they are already registered or not?
I know these problem will be simple for you.. but Plz do reply and Please help me in this out. 
Thank You and Regards
Anshu Verma

asp.net 2.0

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