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Composite control in 2.0

I was finally capable to get into ASP.NET 2.0 yesterday in the approach of making a composite control to be used by developers. The approach you code snippet snippet these controls really reminds me of Java Swing in various regards. I hv had little complaints with respect to web service debugging and the ability to trace the code snippet snippet but that possibly stems from my lack of understanding on what's possible.Anyway it's very impressive how various new functions are in ASP.NET 2.0. I'm just happy

Open image in new window

What i require to do is click a link and generally perform a "MM_openBrWindow" function. Unfortunately the initial code snippet snippet from asp doesn't work in I'm not really searching for anyone to code snippet snippet it for me I don't learn How do I do it that approach I just learn How do I copy/paste. Does anyone know of a best tutorial with rather easy explanations? I?ve looked on the internet but am not having any luck. The code snippet snippet I hv already is?code snippet snippet:Vi

Visual Basic .NET 2005 Express Version

Ok this is yet other can you run VB2005 with a remote database issue with a slight twist. What if i generate my projects in VB2005 and then open it in Visual Studio 2003 to do all the stuff I can not do in Visual initial 2005?Thnk u!

Designer support for custom controls

Have any of you worked with making custom design time functionality for custom controls? It appears like Microsoft has really bumped up support for this in 2.0 but I hv not been capable to find a solid tutorial on the subject. I'm generally trying to generate a custom ListItem dialog for an object that will fill a generics collection associated with my custom control.

.Net Remoting and Session(Help)

Hi Everyone according to my study or doing little work I am just stand on 2 things.1. I can not understand what's .net remoting (Channel and so on...).i require to advise or wants little turorial where I can use it for my practical so I can understand it thorugh practical approach.2. How I am saving my data into sqlDatbase using (web config---- sesstion sate mode="Sqlserver")...Can u xplain it in practical approach ..means How can i store and checkout this into that databae.(that dat

lazy loading + problem with event

Hi I have it problem:I hv 3 layers: Controller (C) Business Object (BO) Business logic (BL) .I have it references: C -> BO c-> BL BL->BO. I use C to load BO via BL. BL has a methods to prepare BO and return it. So any loading is provide in C - with parameters. UI use C to diplay somethings. But now I hv problem that BO must load himself (when this is required) and doesn't have references BL->C and BO->C. I heared something about lazy loading and i require to generate in BL (event delegate) t

Require an HTTP-based Upload system

I presently use Persits ASPUpload component (in classic asp) to upload photos. each file has it's own form field you select 'Browse' and upload your file. I hv 5 upload fields. A new member has indicated that this method is not it best sufficient they wish to be capable to select a all folder (or set of photos in the dir) and upload in one click. Their last developer had little sort of Java-based upload system where you could select multiple files at once. I don't wish to go the Java route.

Single quotes Validtaion in c#

Hi friends How can update single quote into `symbol in c# Textbox Value.illustration:dfd'fd update to dfd`fd

The ConnectionString property has not been initialized

Hello Keep getting tHello s error When I run tHello s codeThe Connection String feature has not been initialized - it occurs just after tHello s codeconnect.Open() I'm presuming that it has sometHello ng to do with the connection string but I'm not sure absolutely what - can anyone help?The class code snippet snippet iscode snippet: Imports Microsoft.VisualBasicImports System.DataImports System.Data.SqlClientImports System.Configuration.Configurationmanager Public Function getDeptID(ByVal DeptID As String) As S