Russia VAT Number validation

Does someone have code snippet to validate for validating Russian TAX signup number (VAT).
C# code snippet will be great but if anyone have little other language it will be useful also.
Format (Russian VAT number = "Tax Identification Number" = "????????????????? ????? ?????????????????"):
10 digits (legal personality) or 12 digits (human persons) fist two digits are region of birth or company signup (for foreign companies two digits after leading 99) MOD 11-10

second two- inspection (before the year 2004 it Updated now stays).

for legal personality use the changeable second code snippet (KPP) usually 1st 4 digits are the similar (99-region rule doesn't apply) usually and default XXXX01001.

KPP is also the counter (last 3 digts)

The number of KPP's is limited to number of tax inspections in regions other than 77 and 50 (one and only for every) plus one code snippet for the largest companies.

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